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Kutyil Dakup Vakkai CEO kkaavi beauty shades
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My name is Kutyil Vakkai. I am the MD / Head Formulator of K-Kaavi Beauty Shades. I have been running the business for about ten years now. K-Kaavi is a boutique specialty hair salon which professionally tends to type four and three hairs. I started K-Kaavi to help cater to our coily and unique African hair. My aim is to boost the confidence of the African woman using our nature-based product line made from carefully selected and locally sourced seed/nut oils and botanical extracts. I have an international diploma in Organic Haircare formulation and certificates in professional hair care and styling. I enjoy spending time with my family, experimenting in the lab with new ingredients and lounging infront of the TV with a big bowl of popcorn.
Kutyil Dakup Vakkai
Founder Kkaavi Beauty Shades
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K-kaavi Beauty

We’re natural hair fanatics with a passion for organic care products. Our Lush Elegance effective hair care kits have been formulated specifically for delicate African coils. We use nature derived actives, botanicals and emollients to maintain, manage and restore our beautiful tresses. We are glad to be a part of your healthy hair journey!

All Hair Types

We are advocates for natural hair and welcome you just as you are.

Nature Rich

All our products are formulated using nature derived ingredients.

Natural Care

We treat each scalp individually according to its own unique needs with our carefully crafted products.

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